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, No 23, Monday 06th December, 2021

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  • Blenheim fights on against Lockheed, Airbus, Korea, and DAPA

    Blenheim Capital Partners has launched an offensive against the Republic of Korea and its Defence Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA). The South Korean government’s US-based counsel, however, is refusing to recognise the complaint because of a legal technicality.

  • Switzerland releases details on F-35 fighter jet procurement

    Armasuisse released the information on November 26, five months after Switzerland declared its intention to procure F-35A Lightning II jets from Lockheed Martin and the Patriot system from Raytheon. The report provides a budget for the procurement and outlines suppliers’ offset obligations.

  • Norway: New procurement programme for battle tanks requires 100% offsets

    Norway expects the supplier country’s defence market to open to Norwegian weapons systems, and for strategic cooperation between Norwegian contractors and the supplier’s defence industry. The tender will see competition between Germany’s Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) and South Korea’s Hyundai Rotem.

  • Brazil and UAE move towards defence industry cooperation

    Brazil’s Ministry of Defence and Emirati company International Golden Group (IGG) have signed an MoU for the development, production, and sale of defence articles. The memorandum is one of many new commercial deals between Brazil and the UAE.

  • Israel and Morocco sign defence co-operation agreement

    The agreement formalises defence relations between the two formerly hostile countries and establishes a foundation for future cooperation.


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