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, No 8, Monday 28th April, 2008

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  • The difference between the GOCA and EPICOS matchmaking services revealed…Almost

    The Washington DC-based Global Offset and Countertrade Association (GOCA) is talking with a number of global defence trade associations about providing their members with complimentary access to GOCA’s offset match-making service. An agreement would make the service a truly international resource…

  • India: 50 percent offset requirement becoming normal as helicopter RFP is approved

    India’s RfP for 384 light helicopters will have an offset clause requiring foreign vendors to provide benefits worth 50 percent of the value of the contract. The procurement is estimated to cost about $1.6bn…

  • Belgian technology transfer for Malaysia’s Agusta program

    Malaysia is to involve domestic firms NAR Aviation Sdn. Bhd. for weapons integration into the army’s fleet of Agusta-Westland A109H aircraft. SME Ordnance Sdn. Bhd. is to manufacture rockets with the assistance from FZ Belgium…

  • Macedonia wants benefits from APV purchase

    The Macedonian Defence Ministry is negotiating with manufacturers for the supply of 33 armoured patrol vehicles. The ministry has indicated that investment in a domestic production facility could decide the competition. Macedonia has an offset/countertrade requirement for 100 percent of supply contract value…

  • Denmark: Heated debate as DECA outlines its new policy

    About 100 people were invited to a seminar on industrial participation in Copenhagen in April hosted by the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority (DECA). Sparks flew when the question of project definition was raised…


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