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, No 10, Monday 26th May, 2008

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  • GOCA / DMA duet is three times a winner!

    The third biennial Global Industrial Co-operation Conference produced by America’s Global Offset & Countertrade Association (GOCA) and Britain’s Defence Manufacturers Association (DMA), drew about 300 delegates to the Spanish city of Seville – a strong turnout for a location that isn’t the easiest to reach…

  • India set to present ‘Across the board’ civil offset policy

    India’s future national policy on civil offset will address high-value government purchases that stretch beyond aerospace and cover the entire commercial sector. The threshold at which the government will demand offsets has been agreed in principle but is not yet ready for public disclosure. Obligors will have a free choice in their discharge of commitments; they may partner any company, public or private…

  • Portugal: Offset is at the heart of economic policy

    The Portuguese government has decided that the Permanent Commission on Offsets (CPC) should take a more robust approach to industrial cooperation. “We want now to put the offset policy in the centre of the economy and use offsets as a true and credible instrument of public policy, bringing new capabilities to Portuguese defence-related and other hi-tech industries,” said Pedro Catarino, the CPC’s President…

  • South Africa: NIP guidelines to be consistent with supplier development policy

    Sipho Zikode, Chief Director for IP at South Africa’s Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), killed speculation that the National Industrial Participation (NIP) would transit into the Supplier Development Policy(SDP), a new initiative soon to be introduced. “We will continue with the non-defence NIP programs”, he said emphatically…


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