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, No 14, Monday 28th July, 2008

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  • India: It’s time to end the leaks and reveal the real DPP 2008

    India’s Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) 2008 policy document currently lies between life and death. It has lingered in that condition throughout 2008. Now we are officially told, the release date is August 1. It MAY not happen…

  • Algeria moves towards a formal industrial cooperation policy

    Algeria, with plenty of petrodollars on hand, is on a spending spree but is insisting that each big contract it awards be accompanied by an industrial cooperation project. The consequence is drawn-out negotiations that are adding years to the consultation periods, and to the negotiators…

  • European parliament fires a rocket as tanker re-bid gets under way

    Defence Secretary Robert Gates has infuriated members of the European Parliament by throwing out the winning bid to replace the Air Force’s refuelling tankers…

  • Poland looks again at enforcing its offset policy

    Hubert Krolikowski, Director of Poland’s Offset Program at the Ministry of Economy and Labour, is to appoint a team to establish new strategies to ensure that offset programs realise their objectives more effectively. The team will pay special attention to technology transfer and access to technology…


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