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, No 12, Monday 28th June, 2010

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  • UAE’S new guidelines introduce a hybrid credit model – but the substance is confidential

    The UAE’s Offset Programme Bureau has announced new guidelines, but has not formally released complete details. The guidelines enable defence contractors to customize their programmes by selecting credit-generating components from both input and output activities.

  • Romania lightens up on pre-offsets

    Romania has extended the validity — and the value — of pre-offset credits. Previously, foreign contractors were able to bank pre-offset credits for projects completed in Romania for only three years. The credits are now valid for…

  • Another India defence study finds export benefits appear too small

    With much of India’s defence equipment obsolete and in need of replacement, a Deloitte study finds the current timelines for procurement are preventing SMEs from entering the market.

  • Philippines: another PITC Appointment

    The chaotic countertrade programme of the Philippines International Trading Corporation (PITC) is showing modest signs of movement following the appointment last month of another executive to run the countertrade division, the third such appointment in two years.

  • Peru selects Isdefe as offset mentor

    Peru has selected Isdefe-Gerencia de Cooperación Industrial (Isdefe) to provide a training course in offsets…


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