Monday, 08 August 2022


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Countertrade & Offset?

The only fortnightly publication specializing in news and analysis of offset, countertrade and industrial participation.

Countertrade & Offset is an essential resource for anyone active in the offset and countertrade industries. Published twice each month, we reveal the deals, the policies, the personnel and the companies that are closing offset contracts and creating new opportunities.

We report on new offset guidelines (often before they’re published). We lay out the agreements, and show where they departed from policy. We describe what governments expect and we explain what they’ll accept when presented with exactly the right offer.

Whether you’re a government official responsible for implementing policy, a company executive who needs to understand that policy, or a third party provider helping to bring both sides together and make an offset deal work, Countertrade & Offset provides all the essential intelligence you need to make the right decisions.

Read interviews with the officials who set terms and judge offers. Read about the presentations made at industry conferences and events year-round. Discover which of your competitors are meeting their obligations and who’s paying the penalties when the credits are counted and the next opportunity arises.

Success with offset and countertrade deals depends on knowledge—and that knowledge is hard to find.

At Countertrade & Offset, we collect the information you need... and deliver it to you twice every month.